How To Interact With Reporters At Industry Events

With major tech events like WebSummit, Slush, Sifted Summit, and others just around the corner this fall, let's dive into strategies that will help you make the most of these opportunities and understand how to effectively leverage them to advance your PR goals!

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5 Reasons PR for Crypto is Different

The crypto space's rapidly evolving and complex nature requires PR specialists to navigate intricate technical concepts while also addressing a global and diverse community.

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The PR Flywheel: What It Can And Can’t Do For Your Business

People often think that PR and communications alone can help them achieve their goals and end up surprised when it doesn’t move the needle as much as they wanted. In fact, it’s a bit more complicated. PR is only a part of the virtuous circle.

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All the Terms You Need to Know in PR

Just like any other industry, PR has its own jargon that can be a bit confusing. But worry not! We've put together this guide to give you insights into all those fancy PR definitions. Whether you're new to the field or just need a refresher, this resource will help you wrap your head around the key terms and concepts used in PR.

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MA Family Presents The State of Media 2023

We’re excited to release The State of Media 2023 Report capturing the current industry trends and challenges journalists face. This is an update to our previous report published in 2020.

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‍What It Takes To Get A Funding Story on TechCrunch

We have analyzed hundreds of funding news stories on TechCrunch from the beginning of 2022 and made some critical observations about what kind of news attracts their editors. Long gone are the days when you could have raised a small round and immediately get covered by most top-tier tech publications. A lot of them stopped covering these completely. VentureBeat is only interested in gaming-related rounds. Forbes does them very rarely. TechCrunch has long been one of the most favored targets for founders, yet their affinities have also changed. 

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5 Tips To Land Top-Tier Media Coverage

To uncover the reporters’ criteria for making decisions on whether to cover the story or not and share with you the practices that really work, we interviewed a Senior Writer of one of the most powerful American tech magazines. Then we combined his answers in a short guide aimed to help PR people pitch the journalists in the most effective way possible and increase the chances of their stories to be published in T-1 media outlets.

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The Secrets To Getting A Guest Article Published

Well-constructed and thought-out bylined articles may be the most impressive and authoritative way to establish credibility with your target audience, contributing to your reputation and allowing you to share your insights. They allow you to stand out from your competitors and, if picked up by a major publication - or “tier one” as they’re often called - will get your name in lights and put you on a pedestal in your field. But there are several rules you need to follow when writing OpEds and pitching them to the media, especially tier-one publications.

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How to Choose the Right PR Agency for Your Company

It’s a sad fact of life that not every business relationship is meant to be. Luckily, you can learn to screen potential associates before your relationship takes off, saving yourself a lot of time and hassle — not to mention money. As a PR agency, we also can advise how to choose the perfect one – not us (or maybe, us) – but just the ideal option for your business goals.

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Tips for Effective PR Networking

PR is all about people. It’s about establishing, maintaining, and leveraging the right connections. It’s about meeting different people and constantly communicating with them. In a business where relationships are everything, PR becomes more of a lifestyle than a profession. And networking — more of a necessity than a pleasant pastime. We explain why PR networking is essential for any specialist working in this industry and how to build effective and mutually beneficial connections.

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How to Choose Between an Outsourced PR Agency and an In-house PR Specialist?

If you believe that your company is ready for the benefits of public relations, then you have a choice: either you hire a full-time PR manager, or you find a PR agency. Choosing between in-house and outsourced PR is complicated, especially as founders are often not familiar with PR and have no idea how to invest their budget accordingly. Don’t worry. We are ready to explain all the pros and cons of both choices.

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How Robinhood Should Have Communicated During the Scandal with GameStop, Reddit Users and Wall Street

The beginning of 2021 was a really tough period of time for Robinhood, a popular commission-free brokerage app. The team at Robinhood performed a fascinating feat in operations as they negotiated the collateral down and raised $1Bn in a single day, with more than $2.4Bn in the following week – more than all the capital they raised before, so their customer could continue their trades. Unfortunately, because nobody issued the right message, the depth of their efforts remained unknown, while the audience focused on the worst fears.

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How to Nail an Interview With a Reporter

First of all, congratulations! If you were invited to an interview, it’s very flattering and exciting, especially if it’s your first time. Any interview requires a lot of work before the meeting, during and after it. Only if you do it right it will become a cover story you’d be happy to share on your Twitter.You need to establish a trusting relationship with a journalist and be sociable and open to inspire the readers. But it’s also important to control what you are talking about and what specific words you’re using to make the right impression. If you have already had a meeting, there is a high chance that the interview will be published but your performance could still affect the final outcome.

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How Can You Leverage Media to Reach Your Business Goals

We believe that companies should primarily focus on their business goals and things that help them achieve those. The same applies to PR and the media: leave vanity fairs to others and focus on the stuff that matters.

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How Media Works

The radical changes occurring in the media industry lead to new practices, formats, and distribution channels. This process influences the entire content pipeline in the media. However, the fundamental way the media operate remains the same for the majority of publications. To work efficiently with those publications or expect them to cover your story, you must know how they operate and the main steps every article goes through.

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The State of Media 2020

The media industry is going through radical changes enabled by the shifts in its distribution model and resulting incentives. Any brand or personality interested in getting publicity through the media is facing much tougher competition. These changes have been started with the mass adoption of the Internet and include the massive switch to subscription pricing and paywalled content as well as the rise of single-author publications via blogs, newsletters, and podcasts. 

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