MA Family is a team of communication experts with a deep understanding of tech and venture capital

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MA Family is radically different from traditional PR agencies out there. We focus on helping you achieve your business goals while leaving the soul-crushing bureaucracy and office politics to others.

We brought our clients to the front pages of The New York Times and TechCrunch. Secured speaking slots at Web Summit, CES, and SXSW. Enabled five large tech conferences ourselves. And launched Houzz, HotelTonight and WeWork in new markets.

Our Family

Our Services

PR & Communications

We leverage media publications to help companies achieve their business goals.

Community Building

We create custom events and online experiences, secure speakers and reporters, and ensure media coverage to create and sustain communities.

Research & Analytics

We dig into your data and public knowledge to develop fascinating papers about your industries.

Content Marketing

We turn blogs and newsletters into acquisitions channels of organic customers for your business

Social Media

We run your social media channels to establish a trusting relationship with your customers.

Our team

Anastasia Loureiro

Managing Partner & CEO

Anastasia has a unique background as a reporter, an investor and a communications specialist. She did fascinating work with Facebook, PayPal, and WeWork. Earlier she was Head of Communications at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and wrote for Forbes. She also was a Partner at Gagarin Capital Partners, a cutting-edge venture firm focusing on AI-based products and services.

Our team

Yury Molodtsov

Partner & COO

Yury combines a deep technical background with direct experience in PR. He worked with multiple tech unicorns such as WeWork, Houzz, HotelTonight and Gett. Earlier Yury was Investor at Day One Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that invests in tech startups and leads their communications. Yury also has a degree in applied physics & math and worked in the space industry.


What sets MA Family apart is their deep understanding of our business needs along with their creative mindset and focus on operational excellence.

Marc P. Bernegger


Working with MA Family was a total breeze — they stayed on top of things, handled every aspect of our PR campaign timely and professionally and even secured TechCrunch coverage when we didn't expect it.

Sam Bokher


When MA Family engages with a company they are providing results, not just communications expertise. You feel that they are there for you as a part of your own team.

Mikhail Konoplev

Houzz, WeWork

MA Family took an immense role in shaping our media relations, developed a comprehensive communications strategy, secured important media pieces, and pushed our story during the very critical moments for our company.

Ilya Ekushevskiy


The team at MA family provided expert counsel and strategic advice, connecting us with key stakeholders in the fundraising ecosystem that were later pivotal to a successful fundraise. We benefited from the awareness generated at marquee events at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020.

Arif Khan

SingularityNET & Alethea

MA Family has a great understanding of the tech and venture capital ecosystem and can convert that into fantastic news pieces.

Konstantin Vinogradov

Runa Capital



WebSummit 2020

Web Summit is an annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, considered the largest tech event in the world. Founded in 2009, by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly and Daire Hickey, Web Summit was originally held in Dublin, Ireland, until 2016, when it moved permanently to Lisbon, Portugal.



Women Entrepreneurship

We understand what difficulties women entrepreneurs face. It’s often more difficult for them to raise funding or get bigger clients so they can’t afford to hire a PR agency. That’s why we offer free consultations for female founders and run meetups around the world where women can talk to investors in a nice environment. If your story makes the difference, send us an email and we’ll help share it with the world pro bono.

AI Applications & Ethics

AI is already a part of everyday tech products that affect the course of our lives. While its developers are usually focused on the new opportunities, it’s important to consider implications and build the right media strategy. Since our work with Sophia the Robot, we started a research on the communication standards for the AI industry and the adaptation of traditional PR tools for AI-centric companies. If you want to become part of the study, please contact us.

Latest Publications

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Suffice it to say that into this bear market is launching SF-based Hito, which is marketing itself as an “iPod for crypto.” Hito is the size of a credit card, has a large multitouch screen and connects to devices wirelessly. Hito may be pushing at an increasingly open door. Given two of the primary hardware wallets, Ledger and Trezor, have roughly 5 million users, there would appear to be plenty of room for growth, since there are at least 295 million crypto holders who may decide to add hardware wallets to their portfolio.

Crypto losses hit $670M in Q2, up 52% from year-ago period


The second quarter of 2022 was one for the books amid a tumultuous period of what I like to call market madness, and the evidence keeps stacking up for the crypto markets. Q2 was full of massive crypto “losses” across the web3 ecosystem, some 97% of which were the result of hacks, according to a new report from Immunefi.

Meet the Vigilantes Who Hack Millions in Crypto to Save It From Thieves


As hackers keep targeting crypto and Web3 projects, white hat hackers are striking back.